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SGODDE 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope, Waterproof Spotting Scopes ,HD Wide View, BAK4 Prism Scope with Hand Strap,Tripod , Universal Cell Phone Adapters

SGODDE 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope, Waterproof Spotting Scopes ,HD Wide View, BAK4 Prism Scope with Hand Strap,Tripod , Universal Cell Phone Adapters

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Product Specification
  • ★Dual focus capability :
    -Adjustable eyepiece ring : Focusing konb,can adjust the definition accurately focus.The operation is very convenient.
    -Focusing adjustment ring : The handwheel design can increase the friction that makes focusing more comfortable and convenient.

    ★Multi-layer film lens:
    -The objective len covers with green film and the eyepiece is made of optical glass lens and multi-layer composite blue film.
    -The film objective len has very strong permeability , high light transmittance reaches up to 99.5%.

    -FMC broadband multi-layer plating makes the image very bright and sharp and has the extinction pattern design on the edge.

    ★Holder tripod&Mounting adapter :
    -Come with a anti-slip cell phone adapter .You can use it to connect your phone to take pictures and video, equivalent to having a telephoto lens. 
    -Standard tripod resists shake and enables hands free viewing. 

    ★How to use : 
    1.The adapters is adjustable, so you can gently pull it to properly mount it in your phone.
    2. Screw off the fixed button on the adapter and adjust it’s length to aim the camera of your phone at the central hole of the adapter, and then tighten up the button. 
    3.Mount your telescope in the adapter.Rotate the focus ring and adjust the phone camera to take photos. 

    Suitable models: Universal Cell Phone
    Dimensions: 6.1x2.2x2.2in
    Objective lens diameter: 55mm
    Eye Lens Diameter: 16mm
    Lens coating: Fully multi-coated
    Field of view: 66m/8000m
    Field of view: 22 degree
    Focus System: Center
    Prism Type: Bak-4
    Magnification: 16x
    Eye cup: Twist-up
    Waterproof: Yes
    Color: Black

    ★Package includes: 
    1 x Telescope
    1 x Tripod
    1 x Phone adapter
    1 x Lens cloth
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x Canvas bag

    Pevrosd offers a 30 days money back & 12-month warranty.

Product Specification

  • Prism Type : Bak-4

  • Focus System : Center

  • Field of view : 22 degree

  • Lens coating: : Fully multi-coated

  • Eye Lens Diameter : 16mm

  • Objective lens diameter : 55mm

  • Dimensions : 6.1x2.2x2.2in

  • Suitable models : Universal Cell Phone


Average rating:
4.6 / 5.0
Gave as a gift to my daughter & she loved it
April 02, 2019
Romeo Alvarez
It works properly, although the quality seems to be good. I consider that it is not suitable for the long term.
April 01, 2019
Gary L. Briscoe
reqires a trpod
March 31, 2019
The product arrived in a timely fashion, with some charge in it. I waited until it was fully charged before taking it on a spin, and found it to be fairly disappointing. The unit is loud, for one. I wouldn't recommend using it without some obnoxiously loud background noise if you're worried about people within earshot hearing what you're up to. The variation in speed isn't terribly great, even the slowest setting is somewhat jarring. While the sleeve can stretch to accommodate more girthy individuals, the stroking beads can't, really. Personally I found myself in an awkward spot where the beads were just pushed up near the top and not achieving much stroking, no matter how much fiddling I gave it. The motor in this unit is also incredibly disappointing, with me stuffing my member in there, if I wasn't very gentle with it the motor couldn't pull down again, and would stall, shutting the device off. I suppose if I were smaller and less sensitive, the frenzied pace would do a bit more for me, but ultimately I'll write this one as a loss and move on. sidenote: the bullet vibrator really didn't do much, I almost entirely forgot it was there until I went to disassemble it.
March 29, 2019
Pro: it is a decent scope for its price and has two focus rings. The mount is solid enough to attach a cell phone stably. Once set up, it is reasonably portable and gets very close to the subject. Con: the joint between the mount and the eyepiece is the weak link, with nothing to secure it. It will fall off if anything bumps it, potentially damaging the scope or your phone. You'll also need to digitally zoom your phone to get a fullscreen image, lowering quality. The tripod it shipped with is far too small and it tended to tip over. Because of the weak eyepiece joint, the only stable position is for the phone to hang down, which drastically limits the degree of tilt possible before the phone is blocked by the tripod legs. Why still 4 stars? Because I'm a tinkerer and can fix its faults, and I already have better tripods, so it's useful to me.
March 28, 2019
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