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2'' FHD  Camera Binoculars,SGODDE 12x32 5MP Video Recorder Camcorder - LCD HD 1080p Display Telescope

2'' FHD Camera Binoculars,SGODDE 12x32 5MP Video Recorder Camcorder - LCD HD 1080p Display Telescope

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Product Specification

✔SGODDE Digital camera binoculars,using excellent all-optical system and high-definition digital imaging capabilities,combine the functions of the camera and the binocular. 
You can use to watch and enjoy the wonderful view far away, and record it by taking sharp pictures or recording videos.

✔Clear Picture,Vedio and Digital Zoom 
-HD digital camera binocular is equipped with a HD 2.0-inch LTPS (4: 3) color LCD monitor for more beautiful and clear images.
- You can directly use monitor for taking pictures or record a video, you also can revisit the moment on playback mode!
-Four times digital zoom can pull the scenery in the distance become closer, and also can record at the same time !
-With the biniculars function,the magnification is 12x,you can take scenery 1500 meters away. 

Color: silver black gray
Binocular Specification: 12x32
Magnification: 12x
LCD Display: 2" LTPS 4:3
USB Interface: 2.0
Photo Format: JPEG
Video Format: AVI
Size: 15x11x 5cm(5.9x4.33x2in)
1000 meters of telescopic vision:
Exit pupil diameter: 3.8 mm
Exit pupil distance: 8 mm
Minimum focusing distance: 8 meters
Recording function: support
Mobile hard disk: support
Exposure: support
Camera function: support
USB interface: USB2.0
Memory card:Up to 32G
Battery: 1000 mA Built-in battery(support for mobile power use,2hr working time under full charge)

✔Package Includes:
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
1* Telescope Strap

✔Note: The power must be power off when installing or taking out the Mirco-SD card.
We recommand the use of Class 4 or above cards with the minimun 4GB storage space (maximun is 32GB)
Pevrosd offers a 30 days money back & 12-month warranty.

Product Specification

  • attrName : attrValue

  • Size : 15x11x 5cm(5.9x4.33x2in)

  • Video Format : AVI

  • Photo Format : JPEG

  • USB Interface : 2.0

  • Magnification : 12x

  • Binocular Specification : 12x32


Average rating:
4.3 / 5.0
David Botacio
January 28, 2019
Frances Ledesma
My husband loved these
August 02, 2018
Laurence Starr
Seems to be a good item. The eyecups do not fold back and stay in place. So if you wear glasses they're hard to use. Does not come with a case.
June 02, 2018
C. Medina
I love that they are small and lightweight however it does contribute to a lot more shaking. Doesn't come with the Mini SD card so you need one. As far as zooming it's a very clear picture! Reminds me of my old view master lol. But I can't keep zooming in to get up close. I was watching a bird about 6 yards away it was clear as long as I could hold it steady but couldn't zoom in really close. It goes so far then stops. For example when you look through a view master the picture is so clear and up close but you can't Zoom in more. That's the best way I can describe it. I can zoom in on a bird but can't fine toon up close to let's say the birds eye where you can see details. Not sure yet about pictures because I didn't buy the right SD card. With all the shaking I'm guessing they won't come out very clear.
May 09, 2018
I used it for a short while and seemed to work well, but the manual was vague and I just set it aside months ago. I've picked it up again and can't seem to find the manual. The buttons are not obvious and the instructions were also vague originally. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the manual they can upload? I'd appreciate it and will try to use these again.
March 08, 2018
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